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Let's start with a fact; there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods or drinks - only good and bad diets. Most of us therefore don’t have to deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy - the key is moderation and balance!

The government supported 'Eatwell plate' recommends that the largest component of our diet should be fruits and vegetables – at least five portions a day followed by starchy and wholegrain foods and then smaller amounts of protein foods and dairy products.  Fatty and sugary foods should make the smallest contribution.


Of course, we have to balance the energy we consume through food and drink, with the amount we burn through exercise.  But we don’t have to be super fit, just keep taking small but regular amounts of exercise.


In recent years, we are bombarded with advice about diets and healthy eating, but the importance of hydration can often be overlooked.


The body’s need for water is second in importance only to its need for oxygen, and fluid affects every part of our bodies, right down to a cellular level.  There are real health benefits if we are adequately hydrated, such as an improvement in our ability to concentrate, our energy levels, our digestive fitness and our general wellbeing.


On average, we should aim to consume around 2 litres of fluid each day to maintain a good level of hydration.  However, when exposed to warmer temperatures or when undergoing increased levels of physical activity, additional fluid consumption is recommended to compensate for the water lost through increased perspiration and respiration. 


The trouble is that many of us may not be drinking enough.  Sometimes we may simply forget, are too busy to drink, or we mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger and so eat when what our body really craves is fluid. 


Britvic is committed to producing a range of high quality, great tasting drinks that can help to meet individual hydration and nutrition needs, as well as enjoyment!

  • All of our drinks can play a part in a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Everyone should be able to choose from a variety of drinks to meet their individual hydration, energy and nutrient needs
  • Britvic provides a product range with the nutritional information they need to be able to make informed choices
  • We are proud of the quality of all our products 




On average, the body is made up of around 60% water and is dependant on the diet to provide sufficient fluids through food and drinks. Find out more about how much we should be drinking and what counts.

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