J2O and Pepsi

Our values

Be Proud

It all begins with pride.  We want our employees to be proud of one another, proud of our brands, proud of our company and proud of what we do for our customers and consumers.  We feel proud when we know we’ve tried our best each day to make a positive impact on our business and the world outside our business.


Be  Bold

We release energy through giving the freedom to dream.  We need to think creatively, laterally, differently.  But we don’t stop there.  We know that ideas only make a difference if we bring them to life.  We won’t always get it right but we will learn from taking risks and keep on trying until we get it right.


Be Disciplined

We’re dynamic and creative through our passion for thinking, deciding, acting and following through with discipline. We keep it simple, which frees up on time to be creative.  We always honour our accountabilities and commitments.  We make a promise or set a goal we must honour it. 


Act with Pace

We encourage everyone to always look ahead to seize opportunities.  We trust our employees to cut through and use their best judgement to do the right thing for our business and our customer.  We empower each other to act quickly and decisively.


Be Open

We welcome ideas, people and perspectives from anywhere and anyone.  If we can learn from it we’re interested in it.  We’re open to different ways of doing things if it can make us better.  When we disagree we speak openly honestly and professionally.


Win Together

When we work together we can win together, putting the needs of the whole business before local or individual needs.  Winning together requires trust, confidence in one another and respect for each other.  We celebrate all success.  When we win we recognise the contribution of everyone that played a part.


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