SoBe V Water


At Britvic, we’re always searching for new ways to refresh, hydrate and entertain. Our history of innovation stretches way back to the 1930s, when a Britvic rep mixed lemon juice, water, sugar and barley crystals to quench the thirst of tennis players at Wimbledon. Today, our innovation team’s pioneering spirit, scientific know-how and technical smarts are behind the breakthroughs that excite and delight our customers.

Here are some of our favourite recent innovations:

Recycled packaging

Britvic are committed to using fewer natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of our business. We recently launched a trial of 500ml bottles that contain 10% recycled plastic (rPET). More than a million bottles of drench are involved in the trial, which uses recycled plastic from a plant in London – meaning that our recycled material does not need to travel far. In addition to reducing waste and transport emissions, using recycled plastic requires less energy than using virgin plastic, lowering the carbon footprint of a drench bottle by 6%.


The stevia shrub is native to North and South America, and has been used to sweeten food and drinks for hundreds of years. Recently, SoBe V Water became the  first UK soft drink brand to use stevia extract as an alternative to sugar. Thanks to stevia, SoBe V Water offers juicy refreshment with only 10 calories (or less).

Turbo Tango

The development of Turbo Tango, which squirts orange foam into your mouth, involved the close cooperation of 40 international development partners. Turbo Tango became the first drink to be delivered using a patented aerosol technology. The accelerated delivery of juice refreshment became a rapid-fire hit – so much so that even our market research audiences were offering to buy samples.


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